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21HT5403 / 25HT5403 / 28HT5403
Philips ITV System SmartCard™ TV
Especially designed for in-room Interactive applications within Hotels
SmartCard™ Expansion Slot For Application Cards
SmartPlug™ Two-Ways Addressable Port
Clock: Large Front LED Display
Message and Wake Up Alarm With LED Indication
Multi Language Teletext Reception
Smart-Loader™ Fast Reliable Clone Programming Capability
Front Control Lockout
Welcome Message Selection
Sleep Timer
Fast IR Loop Through Connection
Electronic Program Guide
Programmable Channel Blanking
Auto Power On
Volume Control Locking Features
Switch On Channel Programming
Audio/Video Muting
ESP™ (Energy Savings Programmability)
Built-in Extra Power Supply
Security Menu Access
Low Battery Detection For Remote Control
Consumer Television Convertible
Head Phone Connection
External Speaker Connection

The System SmartCard™ is a full featured commercial television designed and manufactured exclusively for applications utilising interactive services and entertainment systems.


Type: L9H-E

Tube Category: 21"-25"-28" Black Matrix
Visual screen: 21": 51 cm; 25": 59 cm; 28": 66 cm
Smart picture

Music output: 21": 2x2 W Mono; 25"-28": 2x3 W Stereo
Loudspeaker: 21": 1 full range x 2 (Mono); 25"-28": 1 full range x 2 (Stereo)
Auto Volume leveller

PLL digital tuning
UVSH tuner
127 presets
Dynamic Program Differentiation
WST 1 Page TXT

- Front:
Headphone out (3.5 mm jack);
- Rear:
TV aerial Input (75 coax)
Ext loudspeakers (3.5 mm jack)
RJ11 connector (SmartLoader)
Euro A/V connector

21" Smart Card TV: ‘ON’ Power consumption: 50 W; Stand-by consumption: 11,5 W;W; ‘OFF’ consumption: 4 W;
25" Smart Card TV: ‘ON’ Power consumption: 61 W; Stand-by consumption: 12,5 W;W; ‘OFF’ consumption: 3 W;
28" Smart Card TV: ‘ON’ Power consumption: 69 W; Stand-by consumption: 13,5 W;W; ‘OFF’ consumption: 4 W;

Mains: AC 220-240 ± 10%
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Net Weight: 25": 29 Kg.; 28": 37 Kg.
TV set Dimension: (WxHxD mm)
Ambient temperature: + 5° to 45°


Smart Plug™ Port
Compatible with all major premium entertainment services, the Philips “SmartPlug“ eliminates confusing set-top boxes and makes it easy for guests to use interactive guest services.

SmartCard™ Expansion Slot
Permits OEM or third-party decoders and controllers to be installed inside television for custom designed component integration. Eliminates need for external set-top decoders, controllers, or data terminals. Integrates systems for superior control applications. Allows expandability for future upgrades.

Provides the ability to copy all programming settings from one set into additional sets.This feature ensures uniformity between sets and significantly reduces installation time.

Hotel-Mode features
- Front Control locking: this feature locks all front controls, preventing guests from adjusting any television setting.
- Programmable Channel Blanking: provides a means to force the picture to be blanked without affecting the audio. Perfect for audio-only services (e.g. FM radio).
- Volume Control Locking Feature: this feature forces the TV set to operate within a user defined volume range preventing volume adjustments.
- Switch On Channel: it forces the television to a specified channel when turned on. Perfect for inhouse advertising or information channels.

Multi Language Teletext reception
Guests can be served in their own language. Per each channel western and eastern European languages, Greek,Turkish, Arabic or Cyrillic characters are available.

Auto Power On
Forces the default power setting to the ON position after a power interruption or preventing sets from being turned off while in use.

Audio/Video Muting
Automatically detects a loss of television signal and optionally mutes both audio and video.

Electronic Program Guide
Provides guest with onscreen directory listing number and network affiliation. Channel guide is accessed via the touch of a single button on the remote control.

ESP™ (Energy Saving Programmability)
Energy Saving system that powers television off after a specified period of use.A simple countdown clock can be selectively set to operate from 0-99 hours with automatic clock reset at each power up.

Low Battery detection Remote Control
This feature informs hotelier the need to replace RC batteries to pre-empt guest complain.

External Speaker connection
Easy installation of speaker to bathroom via rear connector.

Welcome Message
A welcome greeting (max. 2 line with 20 characters each) is displayed on the screen each time the set is switched on.

Consumer Television Convertible
Easily converts to true consumer television for after-market sales.

Type Version Transmission System Destination
/01Z, /21R PAL BG, SECAM L/L’, PAL-I Continental W. Europe + UAE
/05Z, /25R PAL-I, SECAM L/L’ PAL BG United Kindom + Ireland
/58Z, /78R PAL-SECAM BG/DK East Europe